Our Story

Our Story

“Two Healthy Churches”

In October 2014, two separate churches were birthed, Divine Order Church and Greater Works Fellowship. Pastor Stephan Bell of Divine Order Church (D.O.C.) and Pastor Rod Green of Greater Works Fellowship (G.W.F.) both had burning desires to teach the word of God and see God move in their local community.

Both ministries began to grow and through a mutual friend, Pastor Bell and Pastor Green met. They immediately began to get to know each other and forged a friendship. Before long, Pastor Bell’s wife, Desma and Pastor Green’s wife, Tonya also began to forge a friendship.

By 2019, both Pastors agreed it was time for the ministries to fellowship together. In April, Greater Works closed its doors and went to worship with Divine Order. In September, Divine Order returned the favor and closed their doors and worshipped with Greater Works. Both ministries fell in love with each other!

Pastor Bell and Pastor Green discussed the possibilities of a union. They both wanted to hear from God so they enlisted the prayers of their wives and for 7 days they fasted and prayed for Gods direction. By the 5th day God had spoken. God spoke almost the same word to both pastors. God said “Not if but how.” God immediately began to construct the ministry piece by piece. By 2020 the ministries were ready to unify.

With so much division being publicized, the pastoral team prayed and “oneness” was the general theme. Jesus spoke of oneness in the 17th chapter of John and the name “ONE Church” became unanimous. ONE God. ONE Church. ONE Mission.